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HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P Defibrillator

PAD 300P AEDThe HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P defibrillator provides a quality, affordable answer in providing the ultimate of first aid solutions

The HeartSine PAD 350P is lightweight, compact and portable and from the moment it is turned on gives clear verbal and visual instructions for use.

The HeartSine PAD 350P Defibrillator is suitable for use by lay users, semi-professionals and professional users alike. 

Item & Cost

HeartSine PAD 350P AED with 1 Adult Pad pack - £899+vat 
HeartSine PAD 350P AED with 1 Adult & 1 Paediatric Pad pack  £950+vat

HeartSine PAD 350P AED with 2 Adult Pad packs  £975+vat

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Each HeartSine PAD Defibrillator comes with:

1 Adult Pad-Pak™ cartridge- contains batteries AND pads. Paediatric option available.

Durable Soft carry case

User Instructions

Integrated Metronome prompts coach CPR chest compression rate

Internal memory recording time, date, ECG trace & duration, shock delivery information and CPR intervals.

USB Data port

Sophisticated SCOPE™ Biphasic waveform technology adjusts patient impedance to maximize effective shock delivery.

7 year warranty

IP56 certification providing impressive protection against dust and water

FREE Software updates and expiration reminders

To cover all eventualities, rapid re-use, `peace of mind` and money saving, additional Pad Paks can be bought alongside the original PAD purchase.

The Adult PAD-Pak™ is for patients >8 years & 55 lbs. The Paediatric-Pak™ is for patients 1-8 years & <55 lbs.

Product Manuals:
Serial No. 08A000XXXXX onwards: User Manual (H017-001-400-8)
Pediatric-Pak™: User Manual (H023-001-009-10)

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